Practical and Splurge Christmas List

This year, I feel like my list has a lot of things I need and less of the things I want (however, there are still some of those on here!). Beauty products to household items, I can just tell that my lists are harder to come up with, but they are more practical that they used to be! Lets get started, shall we... 

1.  Cole Haan Coat- I believe everyone needs a good classic coat. I like how this one has some color to it but would still keep you warm in the cold winters! I also love the black faux fur detailing on the hood.
2. Charlotte Tillbury Lipstick in shade "Pillow Talk"- Okay so this may seem like a silly thing to ask for a Christmas gift, however it is kind of a splurge. This is one of my favorite pinky nudes for a lip color and I cant get myself to buy it for no reason (I bet I get it before Christmas though!). It will probably just be a good Christmas Gift to myself. Anyway... I LOVE!
3. Tory Burch Riding Boots- Okay these are a splurge. Coming in at about $300. However, I have multiple pair of TB shoes and they all have lasted me wearing them multiple times a week for YEARS. These are an investment but they would last you for so long! And they are such a classic style!
4. Barrington Gifts Tote- Barrington Gifts have the best totes, weekenders, passport holders, everything! I love how you can get them monogrammed and they have TONS of prints you can use. Coming in at $160, its not cheap, but it is a good bag that is for everyday use. 
5. Oribe Texture Spray- $50 for a texture spray is insane right? welll.... this one is GOOD. I had a sample of it this year and it really is worth the hype. On top of it working very well and giving you volume, it has the best smell in the WORLD! 
6. Adidas Tennis Shoes- Every person needs a good pair of black tennis shoes. Mine are falling apart because I have had them about 3 years, so these are a need!
7. QuayxJaclyn sunnies- Okay these are so fun! Quay has great prices on their sunglasses and I am LOVING the Jaclyn Hill collection. So dang cute and such a good dupe for designer pairs!
8. Tory Burch backpack- Okay, I have a Tory Burch obsession, mmmkay? However, I travel a lot and I love to have a bigger bag that I take to work with me to carry my laptop in. I would love to have this backpack. Not only is it Nylon so it would be easy to clean, it is stylish!
9. Black Hat- These are so in for fall/winter! People wear them during summer to so you would get your wear out of this! I love hats, but since I can not wear them to work I never feel they are a good buy for me. However, this one is affordable and PERFECT. 
10. Origins Mask Gift Set- So if you follow me on Instagram (@itsbrookeanne) you know I use Origins masks literally all of the time. They are fantastic and I love them. This set comes with all of their best sellers in smaller bottles. I would loooove to have this to travel with! You all know that once you step foot on and airplane your skin goes into recovery mode and that is not a good thing for my skin!
11. Barefoot Dreams Bathrobe- Okay, another splurge. I have had an over-sized bathrobe that I got from Walmart for the last 7 years. It has been everywhere with me. It is way too big and it has polka dots all over it. I think it is time for me to upgrade and this is the girl I want. Robes are not something that you get a new one all of the time, so investing in one does not bother me. 
12. Sony Point and Shoot Camera- Okay, this would be a big gift. Birthday and Christmas together. It is expensive however, with me being a blogger I am constantly needing photos and carrying around a DSLR is not ideal. I want something that takes better photos than my iPhone, but is not huge like my DSLR and here we are. I tried it out at Best Buy and now I really want it. Mega Wish List!
13. Ninja Personal Blender- Do any of you all make shakes for one person and then have to wash this giant blender? Well I do and it is annoying (Ha!) That is why want this one! I do not really know where I would put it at my house but I know it would get its good use!
14. Valentino Perfume- I have smelled this and holy heavens it smells good! I feel like a girl can never have too much perfume and I am about halfway out of the one I wear everyday (see it HERE) so this would be the perfect time to try this one!
15. Lagos Bracelet- Okay, another big item. I have two bracelets that I wear every. single. day and you guys probaby know what they are. My David Yurman and my Lagos bracelet. Well, I would love to add another to that collection and I love this snap Lagos bracelet. I love the detailing on these and I really want to eventually have a whole arm full of them (HA!). 
16. Full Body Mirror- Do you know a blogger that does not have an easily accessible full body mirror? Yes you do because that is me! Haha! I really want one that is bigger than my jewelry holder so I can move it around and do OOTDs or try on hauls easier for you guys!

What is on your wishlist for Christmas? I love this time of year. Everything from the Christmas lights, to the music, to everyone being happy. I wish it could be Christmas year around!

xoxo, Brooke Anne

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