Gift Guide for the Men (Comfortable + Stylish)

Lets face it.. most men like to be comfortable and look nice. Lucky for you, I have found some of the best items for those men! Things they can wear SO many different ways AND look fashionable doing so! 

If you know much about Derek you know that he loves clothes and once he finds something he likes he will buy it in every single color and wear them out! The penny loafers and the Cole Haan Sneakers are two of those items for him. These sneakers are perfect if your guy wants to wear chinos or jeans! He has worn them with T-shirts, Henleys, and a button up before and they all look good all while he is comfortable. 

One of my personal favorites on this list is the Quilted Jacket . Derek currently has one of these and they just look so nice! It is refreshing to see a guy wear an actual jacket that is not a snow coat or a Patagonia zip-up (haha!). However, those are nice jacket and will definitely get the job done, these are just a little more classic that you can wear with more and still look put together. 

Thanksgiving is in TWO DAYS GUYS. I have a few tips for you....

1. If you start to feel sick, stop eating. That means you have eaten too much.
2. Enjoy your friends and families company and try to stay in the moment. 

I will be spending my thanksgiving driving around God's green earth seeing all different parts of family, but that will not take away how special this day and this time of year are to me. Always be present, my friends and cherish those around you. 

xoxo, Brooke Anne

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