Comfy and Cute Fall/Winter Look

Goodness! Where has time gone! I just wanted to hop on here this Sunday evening and just bring you up to date on life.. well, nothing has changed but life has been fun! The last few weekends have been such a whirlwind! We have been to see my little brother who came in from his NC base, went to Dereks 10 year high school reunion, and in the future I am going to the Hog game next weekend, a FUN blog trip coming up, and a Murder Mystery party! We do not get to stay home many weekends so it does get exhausting always being on the go, but we do get to see our friends and family often so it is worth it!

Today I just wanted to also share with you this cutie sweater from Ellos! Ellos gifted me this sweater to share on my Instagram account, but it is a great price (only $42!) and they have a ton of really good options on their site! I will link some of my favorites down below. One thing I did not know that I learned today is that they are for sizes 10+! I got a large (which is normally my main size!) Buuuuut with Ellos it was a size 18-20 so it is very big! I recommend to look at their sizing chart before you order!

Sweater: Ellos || Skirt: Amazon || Boots: Target || Bag: Coach

I hope you guys are enjoying the cooler temperatures (if you're getting them!) and having great weekends! *also this is 3 day old hair with no extra curling wand sessions so thank goodness for dry shampoo and a lange wand!

Have the best week ahead! xoxo, Brooke Anne

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