Best of Amazon: Fall Edition

Fall is upon us FINALLY and the cooler temperatures are giving me so much inspiration for Fall. Guess where the first place I went to look was.... AMAZON! As you see on this graphic, there are a lot of dupes for designer products. Now let me preface this by saying I love a good designer product. I am not one to turn down an opportunity to splurge. However, the past 6 months or so I have been trying to save and am really shopping for a bargain! As I was doing that, I realized that you all love it when I have finds that are affordable. So!!! Here are some of my favorites!

I hope you enjoy these types of posts! You can click the photos in the widget below that will take you right to the product! Let me know if you guys get anything- I love hearing from yall!

xoxo, Brooke Anne

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