Our Travel Diary: Cancun, Mexico

Soooo, I have a travel bug. I am always wanting to go, go, go and my bank account says no, no, no, no, no! Haha! As soon as we return from one vacation, I am trying to find out when and where we can go again. 

We all know that Cancun is NOT safe right now! The day we left in late August, Derek's mom sent me an article that was titled "14 Found Dead in Cancun in the Last 36 hours"... WAIT WHAT?! That was not a promising article to read as I was handing the gate attendant my passport to board the flight!

Our Flight into Cancun

Top: OLD, Similar HERE || Leggings: Yummie, Similar HERE || Carry-On: Samsonite || Purse: Shop I Love Jewelry 

Basically, none of these murders had happened in the "Hotel Zone". If you are unfamiliar with Cancun, the hotel zone is this strip of land down the coast of Cancun where all of the resorts and touristy things are at! The name sounds fitting right? 

If you are going to Cancun, I can not stress enough to STAY IN THE HOTEL ZONE. Do not go wander into the city to find a hidden gem bar or taco truck- I promise you life is not worth it. We only left our resort twice. Once was to go to Captains Cove directly across the street for dinner, and once was to go to Dolphin Discovery at Isla Mujeres!

So the resort we stayed at was the Omni Hotel Resort and Villas in Cancun, Mexico! We LOVED IT! Right now, the seaweed is really bad in all of the Caribbean. However, the resorts do try to out throughout the day and clean it up. We did get in the water, but once I saw a bunch of seaweed in a wave, I made sure to skedaddle out of there so it wouldn't get me.. I know.. I am a baby. Ha!

Sunglasses: Ray Ban || Swimmy: Amazon

Isn't he a handsome thing!

This was the Taco Bar on our resort! It was yummy!

Dinner on Night one! Dress from Parker Grey Boutique.

Sunglasses: Ray Ban || Swimsuit: Amazon || Kimono: Suite One Boutique || Sandals: Walmart

Derek and I at Dinner at Captains Cove!

Sunset from Dinner. 

The last day we were there... lets call it... the Sunburn day... we took a cab down to the port and got on a ferry that took us to Isla Mujeres! It was only about a 30 minute ride, but they served us beer so it was fine ;). This day we snorkeled with sharks and stingrays! I had a great time until they started moving then my heart started beating really fast! Prior to the sharks/stingrays, we went and swam with dolphins (which I was not going to pay $75/picture so I only have my memories) and it was SO FUN! It was something I had always wanted to do, so I am glad Derek took me to do that! We also snorkeled the reef that they have there!

The ride on the ferry over to Isla Mujeres. That is Cacncun you see in the background!

Some of the Dolphins we swam with! I took these as we were walking off of the pier!

Post Snorkel Beers.

Overall, we had the best time! Derek and I love the beach and this trip was just a quick 4 night stay. However, it was nice to escape for an extended weekend trip and just be together and not have to worry about anything except where to get a cerveza and what we were going to have for dinner!

Now..... where to next!

xoxo, Brooke Anne

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