A Dress that is Good for Work or Play + How Im (Trying) To Stay Healthy

Gooood Afternoon friends! Whoever said Saturdays are for the boys are truly mistaken, they are for the girls! ;) Today we spent the afternoon by the pool getting a good tan (well, trying!). Today I am going to be sharing this super cute dress with you that you can wear to work, teaching, vacation, dinner... literally anything. Sloane Ranger has the best preppy and classic styles and I know you would love it!

Now about this dress. How stinking cute is this!? I love how it has pockets, has a flattering shape, and it can be worn to many places! I will have some of my favorite pieces from Sloane Ranger at the bottom of this post! 

In regards to staying healthy, I have fallen off of the wagon. One way that I found was easy to do and tasted DELICIOUS was doing Arbonne's 30 Days to Healthy Living. I only did it for a week but seriously, I lost 5 pounds and felt better than ever! On top of that, the shakes and fizz-sticks are so good! Like, I tried others and nothing even compares! My friend, Jayde, rocks the healthy food game so you should follow her on her healthy food/inspo Instagram HERE. She also sells these products so you can get them from her!

I do have a funny story for you since you're already here! So the other day I was leaving my apartment and as I was going out the exit gate, I saw a girl who could not get in! Since we have gates you either need a fob, or someone has to let you in. Well, her mom was not letting her in since she was not answering so I was going to fob her in. Well after all is said and done, I get back in my car and put my seatbelt on until all of a sudden I hear this loud thump. I look over and the GATE HAD CLOSED ON MY CAR!!!!! I guess the sensor had glitched or something, but the gate definitely closed on my car. As soon as it hit it opened back up! It could have been worse but there is only one little scuff, but I do think I need to tell my complex....... 

Well, I hope yalls weekend is giong great!!!! I hope you have the best one yet!

xoxo, Brooke Anne

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