The Perfect Summer Cocktail

If you know much about me, you know I love mules. I always keep a 6-pack of Barritt's Ginger Beer ready on the bar cart for when I am needing to feel refreshed. When people ask me, "What is a mule?" I usually have no words. It is just crazy that some people don't like them, or have never heard of them! I am going to be sharing with you my favorite recipes for Mules! 

Did you know that there are multiple ways to make a mule? My favorite is just the Kentucky Mule (made with Bourbon if you don't know). But they also have the classic Moscow Mule and Mexican Mule. Like I said, my favorites are Kentucky Mules. And here is the recipe for that!

Kentucky Mule
2 oz Bourbon (or half if you're me)
4 oz of Barritts Ginger Beer
Garnish with Mint/Lemon/Line

...and that's it! Seriously, they are so easy and so good! The only difference is using tequila instead of Bourbon. You can also add a jalapeno for extra heat if you're into that kind of thing! And for a Moscow Mule... well, you use vodka!

One thing that I love about Barritts Ginger Beer is that it actually tastes good. On top of that, they have a diet option as well! If you go to their website they have so many good recipes to chose from and see as well. Ones that aren't even mules, but sound so so yummy!! As I was taking these, Derek was laughing so hard because I kept wanting to "taste" it after I had made it. The hogs were playing in the College World Series Championship (not playing very well) and.. well... I think that is a very good reason to take some sips here and there! 

It has been so hot in Arkansas, sometimes all I want is to sit in some air-conditioning with a nice cold drink. This is my go-to drink. What is yalls favorite drink?! I would love to hear about it in the comments. 

You should follow Barritts Ginger Beer on social media! For a drink company, their pages are adorable! Click these links for their pages: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I loved making it! It was so much fun!

xoxo, Brooke Anne

Thank you to Barritts Ginger Beer for sponsoring this post. 

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