7 of my Favorite Beauty Products that are under $15!

Recently, I have been trying really hard to watch my spending in order to save more $$ (can you say vacation?!). I still love my luxury products but with this endeavor, I have found some FANTASTIC products along the way! Some of them I use daily, and others I only use every now and again. 

Regardless, these all need your attention.

Soap and Glory Clarity Facial Wash || One of my favorite blogger babes talked about this stuff and how she uses it twice a day, and she has the most gorgeous skin! My skin is pretty oily and breaks out SO EASY. I tried this and I instantly could tell that my skin just felt squeaky clean! Fast forward to about a month or so later, my skin has never looked better, and it really helps control my oil!

L'Oreal Voluminous Lash Primer || I tried this a while back, along with the mascara. The mascara, which you can find HERE, is honestly not my favorite for my lashes. On the other hand, this primer is fantastic! I put one coat on the top and bottom of my lashes and let dry. Once you go to put your mascara on its incredible the difference it makes. Try it out and thank me later!

BH Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick || Coming in at under $10, this stuff is fantastic! If you are new here, I literally RAVE about this stuff. It stays on so well, not as drying at Kylie Cosmetics, and have similar colors. I seriously love them so much. I think I have like....8 colors now? Honestly, all of BH Cosmetics are fantastic though. I even have THIS eyeshadow pallet (currently 35% off that it under $15!!) that I wear everyday. (Comparable to Morphe, but doesn't shed as bad and more pigmented.)

Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo || A while back I was on a hunt for a dry shampoo that was not $20+ a bottle. I go through it so quickly I thought that $20 was too much. I had tried Batiste before, but one of my friends told me to try the Tropical kind. She said that it was the only kind that she really liked too! Fast forward to now, I have 3 bottles sitting on my shelf because I never want to run out :)

L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation || This. Stuff. Is. The. Bomb. I mix it with my Becca foundation to get the color right, but I honestly like it better than the Becca. It doesn't cake up once my face starts to get oily, and it is a FULL coverage. It says it is a medium coverage, but it covers up every freckle and blemish on my face. This stuff is hardcore and fantastic. And it comes at a whopping $13! My shades are 101 when I am pale, and 102 when I am tan!

Mario Badescu Facial Mist || I know this isn't the first time you have seen this. I use it before bed and it is so incredibly soothing. It also gives me that boost of moisture that I need while I am sleeping. The smell is so relaxing (hence why I like to use it before bed). I have used it as a facial primer and setting spray as well, but I honestly didn't see it making a difference on my skin, so now I just stick to using it at night!

Ulta Self Tanning Express Mousse || I used to use St. Tropez and I love it-- but it is like $40 and ya girl here was trying to find more affordable products. I stumbled upon this stuff, and the longer you keep it on (up to 3 hours) the longer the color will develop. I usually put it on before work, because I can not stand having it on my sheets or sleeping in it. It doesn't have a bad "self tanner" smell to it at all which is why I can get away with wearing it to work all of the time! It also lasts for about 4-5 days. So usually It will get splotchy by the time I need to shave my legs anyway. Perfect timing. *also let me note that I do not moisturize as much as I need to. So if I was better at that I bet my tan would last longer.

Do you guys like finding cheaper alternatives?! I know I do. I have so many more I could share, but I didn't know if you guys would like a post like this? If you guys do, let me know and I will make sure to post more about my beauty finds. Maybe... once a month-ish? Something like that!

I am also working on a post about Disney World and what it was like to go as an adult (and for the first time!). I literally felt like I was on cloud-9 the entire time, even through all of the rain we had. Derek and I also literally drove into a tropical storm, ON PURPOSE. Well, we didn't know it was a tropical storm but we knew it was storming. Anywho, I will quit rambling now. Have a fantastic week friends!

xoxo, Brooke Anne

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