What I Have Learned In Three Years

Three years ago (I cant believe its been that many!!) I became the girlfriend of Derek.
Three years ago, I knew I liked Derek a lot but I never knew just how much I would care for him in the coming years.
Three years ago, my life changed for the better..
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This post is basically just going to be about some key points that I have learned being in a serious, adult relationship, living together after living alone, and advise I would give someone else in a similar situation
1. Communication || I can NOT stress this enough. Everyone says that a solid relationship has to have good communication throughout it. Derek and I have always both been very strong willed individuals, who are both always right (hehe), so sometimes communicating effectively to one another is not the easiest thing to accomplish. Over the past three years, Derek and I have realized that we both do not always have to be right. If we disagree with one another, things will go much smoother if we just sit down and talk about them calmly rather than flying off of the handle. Things are not always calm though. I may or may not have thrown a potato across the room before....We are getting so much better at this, and I feel that is one of the best ways I can show that we have grown over the last 3 years.
2. Trust || In all of my relationships before Derek, I did not trust any of them. I wont get in to all of that drama, but lets just keep it at that! It was so incredibly refreshing to go into a relationship being able to trust your significant other, and not have to worry what they are going to do when they are away from you. Maybe it helped that I lived 1.5 hours away our first year and a half of dating, but regardless, being able to trust Derek has made this relationship that much more enjoyable. So girls, or men if you are reading, TRUST YOUR PARTNER! If you cant trust them, you're really doing yourself a disservice constantly being worried about what they're doing.
3. Laughter || Being able to laugh with your boyfriend/girlfriend is so important. If you cant laugh with someone, I promise you can be happier with someone you can! So with Derek, I am a bugger. I will poke him, joke with him, and say the funniest things just off of the wall (well, I am glad he things I am funny). For instance, last night we were getting ready for bed and as soon as Derek got in there he couldn't stop laughing! Backstory: Henry wouldn't cuddle with me the way I wanted him to, he would put his feet towards me (and push me away) rather than away from me so I could hold him. Well, I tried flipping him, getting him up to "play" and tricking him into laying back down. I would even grab him so he couldn't jump off of the bed! Well, in the new(ish) movie Peter Rabbit, the rabbits put their heads together when they apologize. So Henry looked at me with these pitiful eyes and I felt bad. SO, I let him keep his feet towards me, I put my head to his, gave him some ear pets, told him I loved him, and said sorry. Fast forward ---> Derek came in the room and says "Henry, why are you all of the way on my side of the bed, you mom wants you over there!" I just mumbled "Yeah, we just had a fight about it".... Derek thought that statement was funny, and looking back on it I think it was too! If  you don't, well... it may have been one of those "had to be there" moments.
4. Chores || When I lived alone I kept my apartment SO CLEAN. Derek thought he hit the jackpot with someone who always had a clean space. Fast forward to now and a full time job.... it does not stay as clean as I would like. But I do need to get better at doing my part to keep clean! Since Derek works from home, if there is anything laying where it isn't supposed to be, he cleans it right then and there! I feel bad about not keeping it as clean as I once did, but that is something that is still very important! Do you chores friends! You both need to do housework.
5. Love || Love one another. Be kind to one another. Support one another. Care to one another. Above all else, love your partner.
Derek has been a light in my life the past 3 years, and I wouldn't have it any other way. He tells me when I am wrong, cooks me dinner, lets me get little debbies and $7 bread at Kroger, and always puts me first. I don't know what I did to deserve a man like Derek, but whatever I did.. I am so glad I did it!
xoxo, Brooke Anne


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