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So as some you might have realized, my hair grew about 4 inches overnight! Obviously I did not take a magic pill to make that happen, although it was just about that good! I have partnered up with Serenity Salon here in Little Rock to tell you about what they do, who they are, and the process for tape-in hair extensions.
My Before
 (right after I got it colored a couple of months ago):

My After
The Color from above picture faded, and these match PERFECT:

So here are some of the most common questions I have been asked in the last 3 weeks:
1: Can you wash your hair as normal?
Yes! So basically I understood you don’t need to wash them every day. I promise you won’t want to either, it’s a production! So before my extensions I would wash my hair just about every other day, but now only twice a week! You will find that with hair extensions you won’t need to wash your hair every day. They hold a curl and hide the oil from your natural hair! Once you get them put in, you can’t wash your hair for 48 hours. Doing that it will ensure that the tape has a sure hold on your hair.
Pro Tip: When you are combing through your hair after washing, hold your hair at the root while you pull through so you aren’t putting excess force on your extensions!
Pro Tip x2: When you condition, don’t put it on your roots! Only on the ends of your hair. My reasoning for this is because if you don’t condition your scalp, it won’t be as oily as quick AND apparently it isn’t good for the tape.
2: How much upkeep is it?
I am not going to lie about this, its upkeep! But that is something you need to know going into the process or you won’t get your full money’s worth, in my opinion. First of all, before I went in to get them I read so many tips/tricks/reviews. One of the big things I read was to not sleep with your hair wet EVER. So before you go to bed, you need to dry your hair. Secondly, you don’t need to sleep with your hair down. They say putting it up, or preferably back in a braid will preserve your extensions by not getting tangled as easily. Now for the big ones! Depending how fast your hair grows, every 8 weeks or so you have to go get them moved up. Doing that they will take out the extensions, wash your hair and them, and then re-stick the extensions and place it closer back up to your scalp. You can do this around 3 times depending on how well you care for them. Then you will need to get a new set of hair.
3: Is it expensive?
Again, not going to lie. It is expensive. So with Serenity Salon, we partnered together and I got my first appointment (and hair) free of charge. But before we decided to partner up, I did ask her about how much a set costs for the first round. She said about $500 depending on how much hair I needed (They use the brand Hot Heads-real human hair). I quoted another salon in LR and they told me anywhere from $500-800. So they are very evenly priced! On top of your initial visit, when you get them moved up it is $12 a weft. For example, I have 12-15 (I think I counted 12) wefts in my hair so that will be $144 just to get them moved up! On top of your normal cut, color, style, etc. Every stylist and salon is different!
I do think it is worth it though. My hair has always been very thin, and when it finally gets to a good length it doesn’t even look good because of the thinness! With these extensions, I get so many compliments on my hair, and I actually feel confident! It is crazy how good hair can make you feel! I know it is expensive, but I justify it by not having to spend as much on shampoos, masques, etc since I don’t have to wash as often! And you can’t put a price tag on being confident.
4: Can you use your normal hair products?
You can! Just understand that products that have sulfate in them can cause the tape on the extensions to come look quicker and break the bonds. So they recommend sulfate free hair products. Also, just a quick note that since the extensions are real hair, they get damaged just as easily as your real hair (which is also why you can’t keep them forever) and they shed about the same as real hair! Make sure to use a heat protectant. My favorite is HERE!
5: Does it damage your real hair?
No- it does not damage your real hair! That is the main reason I have been wanting tape-ins rather than the alternatives: glue, weave, etc. I feel like once I get them out I will feel like my hair has all fallen out since it won’t be near as thick as with the extensions, but it will just be because I don’t have all of that fake hair on my head anymore!
Serenity Salon has been fantastic! They have answered every question I have had, and been an open means on communication since Day 1 of this process! They have also been incredibly generous and are offering a giveaway!
For all of my local ladies, enter in the raffle below to get a FREE CUT AND COLOR!
They are located right off of Rodney Parham here in Little Rock, and you should definitely give them a call! Their salon is also gorgeous; everything is white, crisp, and classic. They are professional, and the girls are all SO Talented! Isabella (Check her Instagram out HERE) assisted the owner, Heather, and they were both SO GOOD! Isabella also curled my hair once it was all completed and it looks so good! Her before and afters on her page are GOLD!
Serenity Salon was also voted Best of the Best Salon in Little Rock 2017, being one of the smallest salons nominated up against salons twice and three times their size! How awesome is that! Basically, Serenity Salon is fantastic and really loves their clients!

Here are some pictures of the inside of their salon! 

Anywho, enter the giveaway! You wont be disappointed!

xoxo, Brooke Anne


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    I have been wanting a few low lights in my hair!

  2. I need a cut & color SO bad girl... its sad. (wanting to go lighter) :)

    1. Lighter for summer would be perfect! *heart eyes*