How To Whiten Sensitive Teeth + Giveaway

me start off by saying, I have always had a little bit of confidence issues with my teeth. I have a slight open-bite, stains from my braces (which I had for 5 years), and I did not wear my retainer like I should so they shifted a little bit. I got lucky and they did not shift too bad, but they aren't as bad as what they could have been!

So to start off, I have been using Smile Brilliant consistently for about 3 weeks and my results have been great! If you get sensitive teeth, they give you a gel for that as well!
So, this is how the process goes:
First you get a kit that has three tubs each of catalyst paste and a base paste. You will take one of each and mold them together. Once you get it to where it is a perfect shade of blue, you will put it in either the top or bottom molding tray and place it in your mouth. Make sure you keep your teeth still so it will be an accurate mold! Then do the same with the bottom.
In about a week you will get your custom fitted whitening trays back! You will get custom trays for you to use to whiten/desensitize your teeth. How cool is that?!
Once you receive your whitening trays, the obvious part begins... you get to whiten! You can keep the whitening gel on for up to 3 hours (although I honestly would not recommend that if you have sensitive teeth). The longest I ever go is an hour. Once I hit an hour I usually start getting frequent zingers, and they like to stick around even after I am done whitening for the day! But zingers are worth it! If you don't like them, then definitely don't whiten as long!
If you do get sensitive easily, they have a desensitizing gel that you can use immediately after! I personally have not used it because I don't really need to, but I have read that it works very well if you do!
Here are my personal results!


There is not striking difference, but it looks natural and I love that! It really really helped my side vampire  teeth to brighten them up. The spots I mentioned earlier that you can see? Well, those are not as noticeable either! Smile Brilliant has given me a smile that I am incredibly proud to show off, and now I #smilefearlessly.
Also, Smile brilliant is being incredibly generous and hosting a giveaway to give one of you guys a whitening kit for you to try! A $150 value! You can enter HERE!
You can also get 10% off by using the code "thissweetloveblog" at checkout!

xoxo, Brooke Anne

Thank you to Smile Brilliant for sponsoring this post.

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