A Dress That Has A Story (+ was on Sale!)

Dress: H&M || Shoes: Target || Bag: Coach, old but similar here|| Earrings: Red Dress Boutique 
Derek and I attended a wedding for one of his lifelong friends, Jon. I did not know that the wedding was outside, and I really felt like I did not have anything to wear. So of course, we went to the mall. Dillard's is having a 40% extra off of their sale (I will post a widget below of my favorite items) so obviously I went there first. I found two adorable dresses! One was going to be on sale for like $10! Such a steal!!! The other is the one that was actually wedding appropriate. Well, I went to check out and guess what.... no price tag...and guess what else...they could look it up.

Sooo, here I am about 3 hours from wedding time with no dress to wear!! I then went to Express....nothing.. I was so discouraged I figured I would just wear this plain black OTS dress until we passed H&M. I went in while Derek was looking for collar stays in the men's side of Dillard's, and I saw this dress. If you remember, I tried this dress on in an Instagram try-on session at H&M a few months ago. I saw it my first few minutes in the store and grabbed it.. Knowing exactly what size and what it looked like on. Derek told me that's how I need to shop every time.. Try stuff on, don't buy it, wait a few months, then buy if I still want it. But we all know that's going to happen...right? Hah! So needless to say, I got this dress 25% off (storewide + site wide is 25% off!) and it made it right at $44! Such a steal. I felt so confident in this dress and got so many compliments. The best part is that is so comfortable, and is flowy but flattering at the same time! It also doesn't hurt that it looks expensive, but it totally isn't!
The dress was gorgeous. Literally one of the most magical, chic weddings I have ever seen. The Groom and his Best Man came in on a canoe in the pond behind the alter. Then the bride rode in on a chariot with a Clydesdale! Seriously....gorgeous. I cant even begin to tell you how beautiful it was. I am taking notes for when I have my wedding...LOL
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xoxo, Brooke Anne

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