The Best Liquid Lipstick (and its under $10)

....and the best part about it you might ask? Its under $10!! $8.99 to be exact.

So I first purchased BH Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick when I got them on sale for like $6! All I got was a brush set, an eye shadow pallet, and a liquid lippy. Every one of these products have blown my expectations out of the water, especially the lipsticks!

I got a couple of DMs on Instagram asking if I actually liked them or if I got them in PR.. well..... no, I did not get them from PR and I really am obsessed with them! Hah!


From Left to Right Lipsticks: Glory, Jan, Endura, Mary Ann, Sophia

I am loving their lippies for so many reasons. For instance, I will put it on at 7:45am and wont need to reapply unless I am going out after work! I will eat, drink (usually from a straw) and I am bad at licking my lips and it stays put. It does transfer a little bit, but not as bad as 90% of the lipsticks I have tried in the past.

They also come in so many colors-including THIS gorgeous red! I bought it and I can not wait for the next time that I get to rock a red lip!

When people ask me about these lippies, I compare them to Kylie Cosmetics. They have similar shade ranges but in my opinion I like them so much better. They aren't as drying as Kylie's and are half the price. Although Kylie's do come with a liner, I actually do not wear a liner with these lipsticks! I even sometimes will just use the lipstick itself to outline my lips and it looks natural (well as natural as one can be with outlined lips).

Now onto the eye shadow and brushes...they're so good as well. I compare the eye shadow to Morphe, but much creamier! They both work about the same, but take that from someone who never has even/blended/good eye shadow. Haha! I love the colors in this THIS pallet, as they are very neutral but have the perfect shades of metallics. And, they come in hot at like $22!

The brushes are 10-fold better than the Morphe brushes I have tried and only $20-30. They are much softer and they do not shed at all! I use them for every step of my makeup, and I honestly don't think I will ever use another set of brushes again.. well, until I can afford to try "luxury" ones!

I just wanted to get on here and shed some light about what I have been raving about on Instagram for the past couple of months, and at less than $10... you will not be disappointed. I am hoping BH Cosmetics will see this and sent me all of the lippies to try, but maybe one day. Haha!

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xoxo, Brooke Anne

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