Why I am Running a Half-Marathon + Fundraising for St. Jude

SO! At the beginning of this year, I made a goal that I wanted to run more! Running has always terrified me, and I have never considered myself a runner. So, I decided to Run a Half Marathon! Haha, well, thats not exactly how it went down... 

So every time I am in Memphis and pass the St. Jude Cancer Research Hospital, my heart just hurts for all of those children and their families going through what every parent fears- their child getting cancer.  I always knew that St. Jude had a marathon/half marathon and I had always wanted to do it but never thought I could. Well that changed!! I looked at when the date was for this race and it is April 28th in Nashville! It gives me exactly 14 weeks to prepare.. (I am on week 2!). (The race I am running is actually in the Rock N Roll series, and I am so pumped! Live music throughout the race!!) 

Training is going good, and its hard. I am honestly terrified of this race, but I feel like that makes it a great goal. If you would like to join in and run this race with me, reach out!! I would love to have more accountability partners! 

St. Jude is such a miraculous hospital. Thanks to their research, childhood cancer survival rates are now above 80%, and not one family of the children that are there will ever receive a bill. That is part of what these donations go for! These families should be worrying about their child surviving, not hospital bills. 

I am running for these children who aren't able to run themselves. I am running to raise awareness and combat childhood cancer. I am running to raise money to save lives. This is where I need your help. 

Watch the story of Gracie here (Grab your tissues):


Thanks to three fantastic donors, I am already 22% of the way there at $110! I know $500 isn't a steep goal, but once I meet it I would love to get to $1,000. If you donate, you will know that this money has gone to save a child's life like Gracie's. 

If you have it in your heart, please donate on my fundraising link HERE

Together, we can save saves! 

xoxo, Brooke Anne


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