Layering: Best Way to Keep Warm

Sweater: H&M || Turtleneck: J.Crew || Skirt: H&M (sold out, similar here) || Boots: Steve Madden (sold out, similar here... these are $44!!!)
When its 20 degrees outside, I LAYER! This turtleneck has been a crazy staple in my closet the past month with these weirdly cold temperatures here in Arkansas. I have been wearing them under vests, sweaters, sweatshirts, around the house with my PJs, with pencil skirts.... just about with everything! Layering is one way that you can wear the same staple items in your closet but make them seem completely different!
Also, this day I had tried out BH Cosmetics for the first time! I used their eyeshadow pallet (for real like $23 for 42 colors!!!), makeup sponge (aka beautyblender), brushes and their liquid lipstick. Their liquid lipstick stays PUT! It is so affordable! I love Morphe products, but this might eventually give them a run for their money!
Now that the new year has began, I am working on eating healthier and going to the gym at least every other day! That was going so great until yesterday! I hadn't eaten carbs in 4 days.... until cake showed up at the office. It was on my one cheat and now... NO MORE. I was doing so good and I was so proud of myself, but I gave in. I am making this public so you guys can potentially keep me accountable! Now I will be going to the gym an extra day this week because I indulged!
I hope you guys are still 8 days into pushing towards your goals! I am about halfway finished with my first book of the year, Eat Pray Love. I wanted to finish it by the first week but that didn't happen, so I will shoot for this upcoming weekend to finish it! What are some books that you guys like? I am big on mushy gushy books that make me cry, are self help.. I want to get out of my zone and read something different though, so hit me up with your book suggestions! <3
xoxo, Brooke Anne

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