Crushed Velvet + Leather

Dress: Nordstrom (Under $30!) || Jacket: Forever 21 (old, but very similar here) || Belt: Amazon (if you want the real Gucci belt you can get it here) || Boots: Steve Madden (Old, similar at Nordstrom + under 50 from Target) || Necklace: Loft and Shop Julia Marie || Clutch: Nordstrom

Country concerts are my favorite, hands down! This past weekend I went to see Alan Jackson (& my girl Lauren Alaina) with my little sister and her boyfriend, and of course Derek! When I was looking for an outfit to do, this dress instantly came to mind. I bought it about a week ago and it had just come in the Thursday before the concert. Now, when you think of a 90s country concert, I know you don't think crushed velvet and leather...I know I sure didn't! But when I put it on, ideas just kept coming into my mind and I was LOVING it! This outfit is pretty edgy and fun.. if you know me, I am all about wearing crew necks and dressing like the grandma of the friend group ( I cant tell you how many times I have heard that!) So this outfit was an outlier, and I had so much fun wearing it!! Pairing this dress with this jacket was so different for me, but it was perfect for when it got hot in the arena, I just got to take off the jacket! And, these sleeves are fixed length but they have extra fabric to tie it! How adorable is that!! (and the sparkles are little silver glitter stars...) AHH! Obsessed with this.

Now, onto the belt situation. At this point in my life, I just can not justify buying a $500 belt. I have a personal "thing" if you call it and I just wont carry a fake bag or have fake shoes... but, belts... ahh, I don't really care. I was scrolling through Amazon (when am I not!) and this belt came up as something I might like. It was only $15 so I figured I would just get it, and if I hated it I would send it back. Sooo, it comes in and is actually not terrible quality. Now the buckle def comes off if its not latched so you have to be careful with that.. but other than that, it is golden! Now, please... spare me the spill about wearing fake items and blah blah blah. I have made it very known to my followers (and to you reading this) that it is not authentic. That does not bother me at this point in my life, and if it bothers you...well.... I'm sorry! So for you ladies on a budget who like the look of the Gucci belt but cant afford one or cant justify buying one at the moment, this belt is for you!

Back to Alan Jackson... if you ever have the chance to go see him and you like his stuff, DO IT! He doesn't put on some big show but he rather just plays some good, country music! I love that! Every song that he played put a smile on my face and I was singing so loud! (If you follow me on IG I am sure you noticed my stories.....) I hope you guys have a fantastic Tuesday, and have a great great week!!!!

xoxo, Brooke Anne

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