Saranghae 5 Step Skincare Review

About 3 weeks ago, Saranghae sent me this adorable package with the 5-step routine inside! Saranghae is a Korean Skincare line that promote healing, regeneration, and protection! Instead of taking off the dead skin cells, it repairs them! It also increases the elasticity in your skin by 200%! I can definitely tell that my forehead wrinkles are not as deep as they once were and my skin feels tighter.

I was a little eerie at first since the face wash says the work "oil" in it. My skin is already incredibly oily and the thought of adding more oil into the mix really scared me! Thankfully, I tried it out and kept with it to let my skin get used to it. My results were amazing!!

My skin is now not as oily as it was previously, and my makeup stays put throughout the day! You can see in my video below that my skin looks much brighter and better than it did in previous photos and videos! You can see my more in depth review and criticisms in the video below. 

I can say that since my skin is already pretty oily, the serum was not the best for my skin. I only use it every other day or on places that I feel need more moisture. Using it everyday made my skin too oily and broke me out around my problem areas. Other than that, I have zero bad things to say about it.

On top of the products incredibly helping my skin, the packaging is ADORABLE and so so sturdy! It is beautiful and will hold up however long your products may last you. 

I hope you guys enjoyed my review! If you have any questions at all please let me know. You can email me or just post in the comments. :) 

DISCLAIMER: Saranghae did send me these products free of charge for me to review and try out. No, they are not paying me for this review so it is 100% authentic! If I ever do get paid for trying out products, I make sure they know that I will give my honest review and will not give a good review just because they are paying me. 

xoxo, Brooke Anne

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