Fall to Winter + Getting Personal

When you live in Arkansas, December will be 32 degrees in the morning and then 70 in the afternoon, in Winter. I wish it could be cold all day! I love love love the winter time! I feel like you could throw a pair of black tights with just about anything and bring it into winter and it will go! Of course I had to throw on my favorite cheetah heels (permanently on sale!)

Okay, so its time to get personal.

Being a woman is hard. You have society telling you that you need to look a certain way. I used to be pretty confident, but not anymore. I am the heaviest I have ever been, and every time I see a photo of myself I just look in disgust. That is one reason I started my blog- not to get compliments, but to try to see myself as "pretty" like I used to. My face breaks out like I am still 16 and I feel like I am a whale. But this is only what I "feel", not what I am..

Am I a little overweight, yes. I do not want to get comfortable with myself in this state, but I also need to learn to love myself no matter what I look like on the outside.

I am smart. I am talented. I have a phenomenal family. My boyfriend treats me like a queen. I absolutely love my job. And I have no much potential in life.

I really struggled with posting this, but I just want everyone to know that we all go through that phase of not loving ourselves, and you are not alone.

Just know that YOU are beautiful and loved by so many. 

xoxo, Brooke Anne

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