Easy Way to get Volume In Your Hair (With a Youtube Tutorial!)

Jacket: Nordstrom || Pants: Amazon ($30!!!!!)

Right now I am in bed exhausted after all day of skiing in Breckenridge! Derek’s family graciously invited me to come a long and I am so excited! I have not been snowboarding since High School so be on the lookout for Instagram stories and our GoPro video at the end of the trip. We are staying at this cute duplex in the mountains and it even has a hot tub-- you can guess where I will be spending tonight! I hope it will help my soreness tomorrow! I am saying a big prayer that I do not come home with a broken bone (or any of us for that matter!). I have too much to do at work next week for that to happen! I bought big goofy earmuffs ($10!)  and I am soo excited to get to wear them! They might be a little (or a lot) obnoxious but hey, ill do me.

I get a lot of questions regarding how I went from flat to voluminous hair! A lot of that I firmly believe is the products I have been using, but I do have a new way that I blow dry my hair and new products that I use. I filmed a video last weekend showing how I dry my hair and it will be below! One of the main things that I do now is when I am drying my hair I will use a round brush and dry the opposite way of my part. Now, I do have some baby hairs and this method makes them go a little wild, but a little hairspray can fix that! I have been going in with this rootbooster and it really helps if you want more of sticky hold and this volume powder. To be honest, I love it but the price point is kind of high. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and it still has a lot left so if it lasts a while I will probably repurchase.

These are the products that I use daily: 

You can shop my Monat products I use and talk about below here!

Do you guys like videos? I really enjoy doing them so please let me know! I will try to post again towards the end of my trip, but no promises! 

xoxo, Brooke Anne

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