Coziest Sweater for the Holidays

Sweater: Boho Chic Boutique || Denim: Banana Republic || Boots: Nordstrom (UNDER $60!!) || Scarf: Amazon || Clutch: Nordstrom
As cold weather is finally starting to near Arkansas, I can begin to mix and match my favorite prints in scarfs, hats, clutches, etc! This outfit was no different! I received this sweater from Boho Chic Boutique. They do not have a website, but I will link their Instagram down below. I am actually obsessed with the details on this sweater. It comes as a One Size, so it was just a tad oversized for me. I love the ladder print details on the sleeves as well as the tie! It is so stinking cute as you can see! I paired it with my blanket scarf and my cheetah print clutch for some extra flare and comfiness! As I said earlier, I am all for mixing pints and plaid and cheetah mixing is one of my favs!

This sweater is only $54.50 and the rest of their boutique is so affordable as well. I can not wait to share more goodies from them with you guys! You can shop their instagram here

Christmas is ONE WEEK away!!!! I can not believe it. I am starting to get my stocking gifts in, and I am such a sucker I can not keep a secret from Derek to save my life-- so he now has 2 of his stocking gifts (eeeek!!) 

Are you guys done with your Christmas shopping yet? I am so so so so so close!!!! Amazon Prime is about to be my best friend (as if we aren't already!!) hehe!

Have a great Monday my friends!! 

xoxo, Brooke Anne

Thank you to Boho Chic Boutique for sponsoring this post!

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