Christmas PJs for the Family

Look at how cute he is!!!!!!

(He loves me I swear!!!)
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My PJs: Old Navy || Derek's PJs: Old Navy, sold out || Slippers: Ugg || Ottoman: Sold Out, Similar here || Stockings: Henrys is sold out, but I love this one! || Holders: Hobby Lobby
We are 20 days out from Christmas and I cannot wait! Funny story, taking these pictures were so fun! Henry wasn’t a huge fan of the Christmas tree hat (or the Santa outfit nbd), but I had my camera stacked… stacked as in it was on top of our coffee table with a mixing bowl, two cookbooks, and a box of Apple Jacks below it to get it to the right height. Needless to say, I bought a tripod after we took these. I also bought a new lens and pictures with that are coming in a few days!! <3

Christmas pajamas are a yearly purchase for Derek and I. He is so cute. He said "I'm not going to wear them without you!! Hehe. Here are some of my favorite Christmas PJs for the family!
For the Kids:

For Her:

For Him:

Last night, I purchased some stocking stuffers for Derek and Henry and I cannot wait to get to wrapping-- I know, I’m late. This past weekend, I watched Christmas movies on repeat all day Sunday! To be honest, Netflix got rid of a lot of their awesome Christmas Movies. It makes me so sad! We do not have cable, but we do have Hulu Live so I get to watch Hallmark Christmas movies (hehe sorry Derek!). Since we don’t have cable though, we have streaming sites we subscribe to (as most of yall probably do too!). We use Netflix, Hulu Live, HBO Now, and Amazon Prime. With all of that, we don’t even need cable. With Hulu Live, we even get football games so your guy would like it!  

On Amazon, I found a Christmas movie called “Falling for Christmas”. It was so good! It was about this figure skater, Claire Benson, who has an injury and has to go out into the mountains to a rapid recovery center. All of her life she has focused on only competition, but while at the rehabilitation center, she learned that there is more to life than that. Okay, I will stop there so I don’t give any spoilers—but watch it. It is so corny and great!!

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is one that I just got immersed into about 2.5 years ago! Dereks family all gets together on Christmas Eve and eats fajitas and plays fun minute to win it games. On top of that, we do dirty Santa! I cant wait to see what fun this year holds! 
What are some of your favorite traditions for Christmas? I would love to hear all about them!

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