Thanksgiving Post + H&M Bargains

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1. Red Sweater || This red sweater is perfect for the Holiday season! Pair it with a black skirt and knee highs and it would be perfect for a holiday party! I am even envisioning it with a plaid skirt (think schoolgirl?!). I need this!
2. Gucci Look-Alike Belt || Okay, so I love this belt and is under $10!!! I want the Gucci belt so bad, but paying $500 for a belt at this point in my life would not be smart. This one is the perfect alternative and it wont break the bank! I am definitely purchasing this! It is perfect for a half tuck!
3. Burgundy Earrings || I am obsessed with these. Pair it with a high ponytail and thick turtleneck and you have a chic outfit ready for the holidays. I love the multi-tassels on them too!
4. Fringe Poncho || ONLY $24!!! This is such a steal. Ponchos are so in right now and you can wear them to lounge, on a date night, or even to work. They are so versatile and can literally be styled any way you want them to! I will be ordering this!
5. Pom Pom Beanie || I will never get tired of pom-poms, especially when they're under $15! We are going to Breckenridge after Christmas and I am really trying to stocking up on these! I love the all black ones- so chic and will match just about everything!
6. Camo Sweatshirt || Being from a small town in Arkansas, I had camo at a very early age (even my backpack in 3rd grade was camo!) I am so thankful that there is cuter camo now and this is so cute! I would love to pair this with some moto leggings to just lounge around in!
7. Tube Scarf || This is perfect for those chilly nights we are about to be enduring! Not to mention it is so adorable! I love the mixture of the greys and black (would be so cute with that beanie!)
8. Suede Gloves || These gloves are so sheek and classy! These aren't gloves that I would go play in the snow in, but to wear to work on those cold mornings or on your way to dinner, these would be perfect! Suede is the perfect look when youre trying to be dressy and these are at such a good price point too! ($25!!)
9. Silk Pajama Shirt || Okay, this is the most expensive thing on the list ($60) and it is a pj shirt. If you were super trendy you could definitely pull this into an outfit and half tuck it, but I would honestly want to just sleep in it. I use a silk pillow case and wear a nightgown almost every night. So I would be in my own personal heaven in a silk sleep shirt!
10. Shoulder Bag || Comes in light gray (as pictures) and in raspberry! This is just a cute, affordable ($30) crossbody bag that would be great for when you only need essentials to travel around with. Whether that be to dinner, or out to drinks when your friends are in town for the Holidays!
11.Glittery Heel Bootie || Only $50! HOW ADORABLE ARE THESE!! My friend Jaime had on a pair of glittery heels the other day and I fell in love. I love the burgundy color of these and the ash colored glitter on the heel! I wouldn't wear these every day, but during Christmas and New Years they would be perfect!!
I have Pre Black Friday/Friday Sales under my "Shop" tab on my home page! There are about 25 sales I have posted!
Thanksgiving this year means a lot more to me than normal. I have all 4 grandparents that are still with me. Two parents that are in good health and doing great. A boyfriend that treats me like gold. His family that has taken me as their own. And a doggy that listens to me cry, yell, and be an annoying mother and never talks back ;)
This past year has showed me that something so quick can take someone's life, and the time you see someone, may be the last time. Be thankful for those around you, and never let them forget how much they mean to you and how much you love them. You never know when that "last time" you see someone will be.
Enjoy your family time, and if youre braving Black Friday, be safe! I will be shopping online and staying warm at home.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
xoxo, Brooke Anne

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