Stripes in Memphis

Sweater: Old Navy --They do not have the non-plus size version online || Denim: American Eagle || Booties: Old Navy || Hat: Jayde got this at a vintage store in Memphis, but you can get one HERE

I had so much fun visiting Jayde this weekend in Memphis! We went to The Arcade for breakfast on Saturday (Oldest restaurant in Memphis!). They had the best blood mary and french toast--like he best I've had! I have not gotten to spend time with Jayde since we were at her Bachelorette Party over a year ago!!!! Way too long. We also went to a Gizzlies game (and I wore my OKC Thunder shirt-picture below). We got to catch up and eat some great food! Memphis is only a short 2 hour drive from where I live so I see many many more trips in the future! 

Now for the outfit: I got this striped sweater at Old Navy- of course. They are actually having a sale right now that is 40% off all long-sleeves for the entire family! I liked the plus-size version of this, but they don't have the non-plus size online for some reason. :(( Also, these jeans are used of the used. They are so old, so I linked a very similar pair. Mine are from Old Navy though. Also, Old Navy has the best booties if you don't plan on wearing them everyday.  They are cute, hold their color, and honestly are pretty comfortable. I wore mine walking all around Downtown and they only started being a little sore at the end. I really think its because I had on very very thin socks, when I usually wear pretty thick ones. 

Well, its Monday and its also a short week! I hope you guys all have a fantastic Thanksgiving. Enjoy this time with you family and cherish all of the silly moments you get to have with them. 

xoxo, Brooke Anne

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