Gifts for Girly Girls

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These gifts would be perfect for I feel like just about any girly-girl you now. I know that if you boxed any of these up for me I would be so excited! (Hint-Hint Derek!!) Yes, I truly believe polaroid camera and record players are still great gifts! Also, how beautiful is this black banded watch?! Its also under $100. 
If you dont have a good pair of slippers, I highly recommend Ugg! Are they cheap? No. But they last so well! Dereks parents got me a pair last Christmas and I literally wear them everyday (even outside sometimes--oops!) My foot has conformed to them and its like I am walking on a cloud!
I smelled the Valentino Perfume when I was in Dallas at Nordstrom and ohemmgee.... I need this in my life. Between that and the Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow palette, all of my beauty dreams have been fulfilled!! 

What are the items on your wishlist this year? Are you excited for Christmas? I can't wait to let my Christmas Shopping begin!

xoxo, Brooke Anne

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