Booties for All Budgets

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Booties Under $50
(from left to right)

Booties Under $100
(from left to right)

5. Yvette Embellished Bootie (My Fav!!!!)

Booties Under $150
(from left to right)

2. Britsy Bootie (literally obsessed)

4. Madden Star Bootie (Snakeskin!!!!!!) 


Booties are the staple item in your closet that you can wear just about year around! With shoes, you definitely get what you pay for, but I can honestly say that I have gotten some of my most durable and comfortable shoes at Target!  With that being said, I haven't gotten any booties from Target (yet) but they are def in my cart! 

There are about three in this bunch that I would order right now if I could. The blue velvet, the pearl, and the snakeskin. Such statement shoes and soon fashionable. All of these adorable outfits are running through my mind with these and I honestly need them. (:P) One thing that I really love about booties is that you can wear such a basic outfit with a cute sassy pair, and it remakes the entire outfit! 

I am going to take some style pictures this weekend. I forgot that with the time change it gets dark before I am off of work, so I will need to start planning better. Derek is going to be so thrilled being behind the lens this weekend! As he sits beside me he has no idea I am already planning this. 

A couple of things to remind you of:

The Nordstrom giveaway is ending Friday evening! Go to my IG (@broannewoo) and follow the instructions to enter!

Nordstrom Fall Sale ends the 12th! A lot of their Fall stuff is 40% off! Suuuuch a steal! I stocked up!

I  hope you all have a great weekend! Since I work in State Government, I get Veterans Day off. I have two little brothers in the armed forces (one in the Marines, and one in the Army National Guard), and my grandfathers on both sides of my family fought in Vietnam. So my American Pride will ring true and far Friday, as it does every day.  Okay, okay, okay, before I get emotional I am going to get off of here. Enjoy your weekend!!

xoxo, Brooke Anne

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