Blush Crush

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Blush. The color of all seasons. Literally. You can wear this in the spring, and even in the winter (which is my favorite)! I have linked some of my favorite items that are blush! The scarf and the Pajama set are calling my name! Also, the coffee tumbler is from a company called I love love their stuff! So cute, and this keeps my drink warm for a while! Not as long as my yeti, though!
I got into Memphis last night to see my friend Jayde! We are going to head to breakfast and then to the Grizzlies game tonight! How fun does that sound?! Last night, we went to the zoo and looked at Christmas lights. It was so fun. I am sooooo ready for Christmas decoration to be everywhere! I am so excited to have a girls weekend with her!
Jayde and I "knew" each other for a long time before we actually met. When we got to college, people kept asking us if we were friends in high school (we weren't!). She was in a suite with a girl I did go to High School with though, so that is how we actually met! We have been friends every since. I was even with her the night she met her husband! (Thank you Juicy J).
What are some of your favorite things to do in Memphis? Tell me your secrets! Have a great rest of your weekend!
xoxo, Brooke Anne

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