Mens Gift Guide

You guys, it is almost Christmas time and you know what that means....Christmas shopping!!! Everyones favorite thing....right? We all know how shopping for your boyfriend, husband, dad, or brother isn't the easiest thing to do, so I have compiled a couple of things that Derek likes and good ideas for you and yours! 

1. Vests!! A cold front came in today and Derek and I went to Brooks Brothers to run some errands and we saw this and it fit him like a glove. It will look good with khakis, jeans, flannels, or dressier shirts. Just a great, warm, versatile vest!
2. Denim. Every man likes his jeans. The ones Derek likes most are Bonobos. They look so flattering on him and he wore them 4/5 days a week and washed them multiple times a week for months and they are just starting to fade and look worn. These used to be called the Jetsetter Jean but now they are called "Premium Stretch". You can get them here!
3. Pullovers. Derek has North Face pullovers in every.single.color. They are warm, comfortable, and you can dress them up with khakis or dress them down with jeans. Definitely a staple in any mans closet! You can get them here!
4. Watches. Every man needs a classy watch. My personal favorites in my price range are Tissots. This all silver one to me is so classy and sleek. I would totally get it for Derek if he didn't already have a silver watch that he wears daily. But this one is my favorite! (If you want one a little louder, this one is awesome-- yes they say women, but it is because women like bigger watches)
5. Ties. Every man needs a sharp tie. These from the Tie Bar are great! They are at a great price point ($19!) and I really like how they are classy and make a statement at the same time!
6. My favorite thing of all. Loafers. My favorites (and Dereks too) are Austen Hellers! They are comfortable and have classic styles as well as bright ones! These are the ones pictured! :) 
7. And last but not least, a weekend Duffle bag! Especially for men on the go! I really like the Hershel ones because of how basic they are, but they have that timeless style that will last forever! They come in three colors! You can get them here :) 

This weekend, I am going to Nashville for my friends Bachelorette Party! What are some of your favorite things to do and see around there? Favorite bars, murals, places to see, etc! I hope you all have a great rest of the week!

xoxo, Brooke Anne

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