Makeup + Skincare Routine

I have been getting so many questions and compliments on my makeup and skincare lately so I thought I would give a little update on what I have been doing to stay looking fresh!
For starters, I have incredibly red skin, tons of pores, and tons of freckles. (freckles make it so hard to color match also) But, one of the best ways to find a good foundation is to first start with your skincare. I have very combination skin. Before I moisturize, my skin feels so incredibly tight, but where I get oily, I get OILY.
I have tried everything when it comes to skincare. Clinique, Rodan and Fields, Lancome, Clean and Clear, Murad, you name it. I finally found a great line that keeps my breakouts to a minimum and controls my oil! EXUVIANCE WAS MY ANSWER! Now, if I go to bed at night and don't wash my face, I will wake up with a small pimple, always, every time.
With that line, I use the face wash, moisturizer, eye cream, and the night renewal hydrogel. On top of that I use an Origins face mask about twice a week (I have them all so I usually just use whichever problem I need to combat). I also use my Clarisonic Mia! I have had this brush since the summer of 2014 and it still works like a charm (Don't forget to change your brush heads!! Old ones can cause breakouts!)
Also, my holy grail product us this Clinique Spot Treatment. I 100% recommend this.
I always begin my makeup routine with Smashbox Photo Finish primer. I bought it a while back and was not that big of a fan so I went back to my NYX primer. When that finally ran out I decided to give the Smashbox a try again and I am so glad I did! My makeup looks flawless when I use this and really stays on all day!
For my foundation, my friend Lakyn suggested that I try the Becca Full Coverage. Holy smokes. Best foundation ever. It covers my pores, redness like a charm and it doesn't oxidize where my face gets oily. Also when I blot my oily spots, it doesn't come off! It will be hard to find a foundation better than this one! Also one pump covers my entire face!
I have been using the ItCosmetics Bye Bye Undereye for quite some time now. I like how thick and full coverage it is! Sometimes when I don't wear foundation I will put this under my eyes and once I am done blending I will use the extra on my beauty blender to cover my red on my face and it leaves me so natural looking! They also have a illuminating version that I am dying to try!
I honestly don't even wear a face powder for converage anymore. All I wear now is the Laura Mercier setting powder! It really keeps my skin looking fresh all day, and it lasts forever!
My favorite bronzer ever is the Benefit Hoola. It is matte and the perfect bronze color for my pale skin! When I self tan, I put tanner on my neck but never ever on my face. This bronzer definitely keeps me looking the same color!
NARS has my favorite blush ever!!!! Sin is beautiful. So beautiful. It is a deep plum color with sparkles in it and when I wear it I feel glamorous (I'm lame I know!!). Also, this MAC blush is also a good favorite. My friend Lauren had it and didn't really like it so she gave it to me and its definitely one that I wear often!
I used to suck at eyebrows. I would use powder from my eyeshadow to fill them in or not do anything at all. I am a pale redhead......not filling in my brows is not a good look for me! (hahaha hence no brows!) I now use the Anastasia Brow Promade and IMO is it 10x better than the Brow Wiz. It also lasts forever! I use the shade blonde!
There are two eyeshadow pallets that I use religiously, and that is the Anastasia Modern Renaissance and the Morphe 350 pallet! Both are staples to me!
Eyeliner: Lancome Artliner on my top lip, and the Clinique stick in brown on my water line.
Soooo mascara. I have never gotten so many compliments on my eyelashes until the past few days and I actually started using a drugstore primer/mascara! Not even kidding! I am using the Lorel voluminous primer/macara set. I put on 2 coats of the primer and let it sit before I add on the mascara to cover up the white. No lie, I have literally had 4 people comment on my lashes today!!! And they are such a good bargain. I think I paid $10 for both!
Face wash, Eye Cream, Daily Moisturizer, Nighttime Moisturizer, Clarisonic Brush (I don't use the Clarisonic Face wash and I use lime green brush head for acne!), Clinique Acne Emergency Gel
Okay, now if you made it to the bottom of this, Congratulations. I know it was long. Remember, just because it works for me does not mean that my methods will work for you! But they do work for me so I wanted to share them with you all!
I am headed to Nashville this weekend with 11 of my best friends! Wish us safe travels and good vibes! We are all so excited!
Until next time,
xoxo, Brooke Anne

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