Finally Friday!

As my Friday began, there was only one thing that I could think about: The Weekend.
Do I have any big plans? No. But the idea that I do not have to wake up at 7am really makes me happy.

It was 11:30am, and I am sitting at the computer debating on another string cheese, our boss comes in and tells us to go home. Mind you, I got in at 9 and was supposed to be there until 6. Needless to say, I was ecstatic. But then I had one problem, I had nothing to do.  So, I decided that I would go to Arlington, VA and check out Pentagon City Mall.  Let me tell you, that mall has EVERYTHING. If you want Michael Kors, Kate Spade, C Wonder, or even Henri Bendles; you got it. They have high end stores for all of those people who like spending a ton of money, and they even have some of my favorites: Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, XXI, exc. I got the CUTEST clothes with the BEST deals. Right now, Banana Republic is having an AMAZING sale! You get 40% off every regular priced item in the store, and an EXTRA 50% off of anything on the sale rack. So, yeah. GREAT SALE!
I also went to Sephora. Did they have a sale? Why no. But I did get some awesome product! I ended up getting the Naked Basics pallet for $28! I also got this amazing eyeliner by Smashbox that I just adore for only $20. I have came to realize that I hate spending a lot of money on makeup when you can go to a Walmart and get something almost identical to it! But when you do kinda splurge on it, sometimes it does work better (take that at face value folks).

Last night, I changed my flight to leave DC a week early. Yes, that makes me so sad but it means that I get to spend more time with my family!

Well, that is all for today folks. Now please, do yourself a favor and go buy some cute clothes at BR.

Here are some cute pictures from my first day in DC, enjoy!
White House lawn!
Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial

xoxo, Brooke

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