Finally Complete

Today, I did something that I have not done is quite some time. I went to church.
When I was younger, I was extremely involved in church. Whether it be a southern baptist or a methodist, I was always involved. Well, since I just moved to a new town, I decided I wanted to get back into the swing of going. I was actually really excited to go. I woke up extremely early, and could not go back to sleep. My want to attend church was at an all time high. 
During the service, there were times when I had to just sit there and reflect on what I had been doing the past year. Where had I been? What was my higher purpose here? Well today, it all came together for me.

I needed to get my close, personal relationship with God back. 
Today in church, we were talking about other things being your "god", or taking the place of the almighty. I had done that. Though I can not pinpoint one thing that was taking over gods place in my life, something had. And during the sermon, I had a revelation that I needed to regain it. 
Today has been phenomenal. I went to church, and from then on, I have just felt complete. I am actually going to go buy a new bible tomorrow, so I can read in the word more than just on Sundays during the sermon. Without God being your #1, you will fall. Nothing lasts forever except for the eternal love that we can only get from our God, and that really clicked for me today. 
Hopefully with me being in a town place and it being a new year, I can get back into the swing of things and become a better version of myself. 
---xoxo, Brooke.

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