Seven years old at my childhood churches bible school, I was saved. I heard that if I didn't I would go to hell. So the only logical thing to do was say that little prayer and become right with God. So I did. I said that prayer with the pastor at the front, and my family praised me. But that was it. At seven years old you aren't really exposed to this sinful world, nor do you really do much wrong yourself.

Fast forward to 8th grade. I was at a church revival and oh my was I moved. I decided to rededicate my life to Christ. Again, I went to the front, cried, said that little prayer, and I was saved again. I almost immediately went to the back with a woman and tried to figure out when I wanted to be baptized. But still then, nothing changed.

This past week, Kyla and I decided we wanted to go to C3 this Wednesday. Little did we know that we were covering Depression and Anxiety. The first thing that really grasped my attention was this quote during a testimony. "If you are 99% sure you're saved, you are 100% lost." Then in the sermon, Pastor Noe said "The best way to know if you in a good relationship, is to know if you're actually in one." Wow. I have never felt that empowered to do something about my salvation in a long time. I was tired of going trough the motions. People always talk about their "ah ha" moment and I have always just pushed it to the side saying that everyones testimony is different. But then I realized, nothing in my life had changed so I didn't really have a testimony.

Pastor Noe Garcia asked us to bow our heads to pray. While everyones heads were bowed, he asked us to raise our hand if you were unsure about your salvation. I sat there for a minute wondering if I should raise my hand. I knew that I was unsure, but raising your hand is a big step. So, trembling, I did. Then he asked us all to look up at him if we raised our hand. When that happened, Kyla and I both looked up. How awesome is it that my roommate and I get to go through this journey together! He looked each one of us in the eye and asked if we loved Jesus. I just could not stop smiling. When I answered, tears filled my eyes. Then, the unthinkable happened. He asked us if we would come up to the front. A group of about 8-10 college students came up front, before God, to fix our salvation.
We each went to the back with a specific person, and they just kind of talked to us about it. Why we did it, and things like that. I came out and told my girl, Patience, everything. Things that I have only told my roommate. When you are in the ruts of life, the only real answer is prayer.  After I told her why I wanted a relationship with Christ, and asked me to pray about baptism. She said just to let me and God figure it out, but to have that heavy on my heart. I have never had someone tell me that baptism is between me and God and for me to pray about it. Its always been just a scheduling thing as soon as you're done with your prayer.

Last night, November 19th, 2014, I completely surrendered my life to Christ. I was so overjoyed. I could not go to sleep. My mind was racing. So I just started to read my bible. I had always heard Revelation was good, so I started that one and fell asleep with the Word in my hands.
I just want you all to know that it is never to late to get back on the right track with your relationship with God. I am all in. Giving him my life. Walking in His name. And this is my third try, my best try, and there is no looking back from here.

Now here is to a new life, with my new faith. I cant wait to see whats in store for me.
"Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound. That saved a wretch like me."

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